Special composition of yarrowia lipolytica yeast with omega -3/-6 ethyl esters

  • regeneration
  • endurance
  • strength

Team Racer supplementary compound feed of the TRACZER DOGS SUPPLEMENTS series is a preparation of a unique composition of Yarrowia lipolytica fat yeast with the especially selected ethyl esters of the necessary unsaturated fatty acids, with addition of vitamins E and C. This unique composition of biologically active components produced by Skotan S.A. ensures high bioaccesibility of the product and effective support of many body functions especially in the periods of demanding physical exercise.

Team Racer supplementary compound feed for sled dogs used especially in the competition period as well as during the intensive training period before competitions is a source of easily accessible energy (the impact of both esters and the omega-3/-6 fatty acids present in the lipid profile of the yeast), has anti-inflammatory effects, completes deficits of nutritious ingredients and, thanks to the high concentration of active substances (including citruline malate), organic selenium and two antioxidants: Vitamine C and E, it supports regeneration processes: increasing the regeneration phase of muscle fibre after exercise, increasing the supply of oxygen, creatin and nutritious ingredients to muscle cells and, as a result, decreasing muscle pain.

Yarrowia lipolytica yeast (source of amino acids, vitamins, macro and microelements), calcium carbonate, ethyl esters of fatty acids, aroma
Dietary additions: ascrobic acid (vitamin C) E300, alfa-tokoferol (vitamin E) E307
Mineral additions: sodium selenate E8

10 g/dog of an average body weight 30kg/day (0,33 g/kg body weight/ day)
1 measure = 10 gram
1 capsule = 0,9 gram

Package volume:
600 gram

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