A basic type of scooter for sports with dogs as well as for general fitness and training and leisure. While riding this scooter the competitors of dogs sled can take care not only of their dogs’ condition but also of their own in the summer period. Body movement on the scooter is similar to that while riding a sled.
Both the scooter and the fork are made on the basis of a frame of aluminium of the highest possible class suitable for welding, geometrically adjusted to 29″ wheels in front and 26″rear. The scooter is equipped in two hydraulic brakes on break wheels of 160 mm diameter.
Basic model weight- about 9kg.
Particular components may be modified to your individual order.
The model presented on the photo is an ex ample only and the producer reserves the right to modify some components.
On the basis of this frame a scooter weighing less than 7kg can be built.

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