This 4 wheel machine serves for exercise and races with 5-8 harnessed dogs.
The front suspension, which is based on air regulated shock absorbers, is completely independent, and for better stability it has been based on 24” wheels which make it able to overcome obstacles faster.
The heart of the 4 wheeler is a frame made of the hardest and lightest aluminium which can be welded.

The rear suspension is rigid, no compromise here. Our legs are the best shock absorbers. Less comfort but smaller weight and higher speed. The rear is based on 20” wheels. Such a wheel guarantees higher lateral rigidity and lower centre of gravity. A dog sled moves very fast in curves and the forces which affect the equipment are very high and often different than it is the case with a classic bicycle. 4 hydraulic brakes with break wheels of 160 mm, 400gr wide Dartmoore rims and hubs on rigid axis of 20 mm is the basis of fast and stable wheeling.

Schwalbe tyres with an aggressive tread which helps to increase adherence on a difficult ground.

Handlebars, which hold a short bridge, are as much as 720mm wide. Such dimensions ensure more secure and stable steering.

The components may be altered.
The wheeler can be customised.
Weight 20-26kg depending on configuration.


Additional options:
Foot break – hurrow
Bumper – brush bow

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