Its story started inconspicuously. First, in 2007, a few months before my first European championships I designed and manufactured the prototype which I rode to win the gold medal and my first title of the fastest competitor in Europe. This first model was called Ozzi. Competitors from all over the world have gained their experience and high scores on this equipment for many years. It is our most popular equipment and it is often the case that during championships 7 out of 10 3-wheelers among the runners up are our models.
Over time Ozzi has evolved to a lighter and manoeuvrable Zośka and now it is our top model for 3-4 harnessed dogs.
There is no comfort of riding it, there is only speed and genial manoeuvrability and stability.
The structure is light, the frame weighs only 4,5 kg and is made of aluminium, rear wheels are 20″and the front ones range from 26″ to 29″ and are fixed to a rigid fork of our design which weighs 900grams.

Brakes– 3 x hydraulic wheels 160mm
The wheeler may be customised.
Its weight ranges from 8kg to 12 kg, depending on the fittings.

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